Death of Boy Because Of Blue Whale Game:

Death of Boy Because Of Blue Whale Game

Times have modified because the creation of the net inside the Nineteen Nineties: Now, greater than ever, people are exposed to the arena through a computer or cellular screen.

However behind those monitors lurk dangers unknown and worrying capabilities of the internet that may constantly be detected and youngsters are the most inclined.

For the past two years, the term “Blue Whale deadly game” has been shooting up more and more on social media. The game can’t be discovered on app shops and is not commercially available.

Named after the beaching of blue whales, a natural phenomenon by means of which the awesome mammals give up their lives, the game implies the equal a loss of life to cease the sport.

This deadly game made its first look in 2016 and has many other names as properly: “A Sea of Whales”, “Wake Me Up at four: 20 a.m.” and “A Silent house.”

A recreation “administrator” turned into sentenced to three years’ jail in Russia after he pleaded responsible to inciting 16 teenage girls to kill themselves.

The game includes 50 each day demanding situations for precisely 50 days, asking human beings to expose evidence of their commitment or hazard exposure and end up a pariah in society. It’s far a sport wherein teens are brainwashed and compelled to devote horrendous acts, inclusive of self-harm.

The challenges, which vary from reducing one’s lip to carving the shape of a blue whale on one’s arm, encourage participants to step by step succumb to the administrator’s requests, finishing in tragedy, as has been mentioned international. An envisioned 130 sufferers have killed themselves as part of the game’s final task.

As many as 10 young adults these 12 months are suspected to have killed themselves in Egypt. On June 30, tragedy struck in Saudi Arabia. Abdul Rahman Al-Ahmari, a 12-12 months-vintage in grade 7, died after a self-inflicted injury. Initial reports cautioned the injury become precipitated by way of the Blue Whale game. In an interview with Saudi authentic news channel Al-Ekhbariya, the boy’s father showed his son’s dying, however stated Blue Whale wasn’t involved, however some thing similar.

Al-Ahmari said he changed into aware about his toddler’s dependency to the game, but didn’t observe any change in his behaviour. “He turned into secluding himself and no longer playing with his friends, even though he did nonetheless play together with his siblings,” Al-Ahmari said.

Small symptoms, however not enough to cause alarm.

It’s now not clear how youngsters are locating the Blue Whale game given that there are not any web sites or mobile apps to be had. Egypt’s national Telecom Regulatory Authority introduced final month it become banning Blue Whale’s demanding situations from on line assets.

Meanwhile, psychologists have entreated parents to hold a near eye on their youngster’s behavior, checking if there are any markings on their palms or legs, tracking their sleep styles, and speaking with faculty counselors about their educational progress and conduct in magnificence.

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Restrictions in Ihram

Ihram 05

What is Ihram:

A Muslim wears Ihram to perform Hajj and Umrah, as our religion teaches us equality, Ihram is a white clothing which is intended to make everyone appear the same.

Ihram is also referred as a sacred state which a Muslim must enter in order to perform Hajj or Umrah. A pilgrim must enter into this state before crossing Miqat.

Restrictions in Ihram:

The things which are forbidden in Ihram are things which a person must refrain from doing because of being in Ihram. There are some prohibitions, for and during the Ihram. Once the pilgrim enters into the state of Ihram, from then, until they complete their Umrah, they are supposed to abandon particular things which are listed below and some of them are discussed as well for proper understanding.

Some of these forbidden acts are discussed below:

  1. Using perfume.
  2. Cursing other people.
  3. Looking at the woman and indulging in fore-play.
  4. Masturbation.
  5. Marriage.
  6. For men only: wearing the sewn clothes.
  7. Applying kohl on the eyes.
  8. Looking in a Mirror.
  9. Quarreling with others.
  10. Killing the insects on one’s body.
  11. Using cosmetics.
  12. Applying oil on the body.
  13. Sexual Intercourse.
  14. Getting rid of the bodily hair.
  15. Causing blood to come out of one’s body.
  16. Clipping the nail.
  17. Pulling out the teeth.
  18. Carrying arms.
  19. Hunting AnimalsPerfume:

    It is not permissible to use the perfume in any shape or form: applying it on the body, wearing it, smelling it, eating (something that has good smell) or wearing a cloth which has scent of a perfume on it. “Perfume” means whatever is used to apply scent on the body, the clothes, or the food, etc., such as musk, saffron, etc. The only exception is the “khulūqu ’l-Ka‘bah” (a perfume extracted from saffron, etc.) which is used on the Ka‘bah.

    If a pilgrim in ihram knowingly eats a scented item or dons on a cloth that has perfume on it, then, based on obligatory precaution, he has to pay a penalty in form of sacrificing a sheep. The penalty will be repeated as many times as the offence is repeated. However, if this was done unintentionally then there is no penalty on him.

    Intercourse, because Allah says (interpretation of the meaning): 

    “So whosoever intends to perform Hajj therein (by assuming Ihraam), then he should not have sexual relations (with his wife), nor commit sin, nor dispute unjustly during the Hajj”[al-Baqarah 2:197]

    Soaps & Shampoos:

    It is permissible for the pilgrim in ihram to use soaps and shampoos that are unscented. Based on obligatory precaution, one should refrain from smoking the scented cigars.

    Fruits & Vegetables:

    It is permissible for the pilgrim in ihram to eat fruits and vegetables that has good smell such as apples, coriander leaves, etc.

    seasonings placed over the food:

    Similarly, condiments and seasonings placed over the food are not permissible for one who is in ihram. However, eating the dish made with such a seasoning is permissible.

    Male Pilgrim’s Dress:

    It is forbidden for a male pilgrim in ihram to knowingly wear a dress which has a button or something similar to it. It also forbidden for him to wear trousers or something similar to it. Based on precaution, he must also refrain from wearing the normal clothes like a shirt and if he knowingly commits something which is forbidden, then he has to pay the penalty in form of sacrificing a sheep.

    Lotions & Creams:

    It is permissible for the pilgrim in ihram to use unscented lotions for medical purpose.

    Hair & Head:

    The pilgrim in ihram is not allowed to get rid of his bodily hair  If he does so, then he has to pay the penalty.

    Looking in the Mirror:

    The pilgrim is not allowed to look in the mirror for adorning himself. However, if it is done for other reason (such as the driver who needs to look into the rearview or side mirrors), then that would be permissible.

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Pillars of Islam



Muslims are blessed because they belong to the only true religion of the world Islam and it is a hearty desire of every single Muslim to become closer to of ALLAH Almighty. If a Muslim really want to become closer to ALLAH Almighty then in order to make his or her dream desire come true, it is very necessary for him to follow the commands of ALLAH Almighty, teachings of religion Islam, performs different acts of worship, indulge in good acts and righteous way and avoid all those things which Islam strictly prohibits.

Therefore in order to attain the blessings and bounties, every Muslim should opt to live virtuous and righteous life and he should encourage himself to do those acts and things that makes him closer to ALLAH Almighty. Living the life according to the teachings of religion Islam prevents you from different negative activities and sins so one should follow the rules that ALLAH Almighty has established for the betterment of humans so that they can spend their lives on this earth in the righteous manner.

In order to become better Muslim one has to follow all the five basic pillars of religion Islam which are the obligatory acts of worship and every Muslim should have to perform all five pillars of Islam. Let us discuss the basic obligatory acts of worship or pillars of religion Islam.

There are five fundamental obligatory pillars of religion which are necessary to be followed by every Muslim.

* Tawheed:

          Tawheed is the most important pillar of Islam, by saying the words of shahadah person enters into religion Islam. It refers to the fact that ‘There is no God but ALLAH Almighty and the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the Last Messenger of ALLAH Almighty’. When a person enters into the circle of Islam he or she will have to follow the commands of ALLAH Almighty.

* Namaz:

          Namaz or Salah is an obligatory act of worship which is performed five times everyday on their fix or prescribed timings. On the day of Judgement, everyone will be asked about the namaz and the foremost question will be asked about Salah.

* Zakat:

          Zakat is the obligatory Charity in religion Islam and it has great importance. Every financial able Muslim should have to pay zakat, zakat purifies the human soul and money.

* Roza:

        Roza is the obligatory fasting of the whole month of Ramadan. Every Muslim should have to observe all fasts of the entire month.

* Hajj:

       Hajj is the obligatory sacred journey to Makkah and it is performed in the blessed month of Zil-Hajj. Every Muslim who is mentally, financially and physically able should perform Hajj.

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Islam is a complete code of life and in order to understand the real essence of religion Islam we need to understand the essence of humanity. Islam is more than a religion; Islam provides us a comprehensive and complete and way of spending life in a balanced and perfect way. Islam brings happiness and civilization to human. Islamic teachings and principles can provide fair, realistic and objective solutions to the familial, individual, social and international etc problems which are nowadays threatening the existence of communities of human throughout the whole world.

Islamic teachings provide great guidance in every step of life and helps in achieving accord or coherence among human beings. Both the society and the individual are in dire need to implement complete Islamic teachings to world in order to live peacefully. When the society and individual adopt such Islamic belief and apply it to real life, humanity will start accomplishing seemingly astounding and miraculous achievements and this only happens when all human beings unite themselves with the Eternal Power that strengthens their personality and belief and gives the right direction.History clarifies that religion Islam is unique in its ability and structure to provide guidance and assistance for the entire aspects of human activity.

Islam is a religion that integrates all domains of life of human, same as like different systems and organs in the human body integrate to make a complete human being. If any of system stops working in a proper way, it greatly affect the whole body. In a similar manner, Islam proposes whole systems of laws and principles that integrate all major and minor parts of human society that bring peace and happiness to all members. Islam teaches us to fulfil all the obligatory acts of worship like in the month of Holy Ramadan every Muslims should have to fast (Roza) for the whole month every year in order to acquire self-discipline and piety and to develop sense of awareness of the problems and needs of other people who are going through problems and starving or are in need of food.

Such an awareness of the needs of other human beings creates sense of sharing and kindness in us. And to help other the charity in the month of Holy Ramadan is made obligatory upon all Muslims that is well known as Zakah, it is prescribed to distribute among the different segments of our society that are in need of communal and individual assistance and for the rest of the whole year Muslim are advised to do voluntary charity known as Saqadah and there are some other forms of charity in Islam but the main purpose of the charity is to help poor and needy in their bad times. is one of the authorized Hajj and Umrah travel agent based in UK, offers a range of Umrah Packages 2017 from London, UK.